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Introducing: Robert!


Series: Why I am involved in SGEFF!

I race sailboats as a hobby and regularly travel through some of the worlds most pristine and remote environments. On a recent adventure through the Southern Ocean I witnessed an orange star Venus rise above the horizon.

I realized that this amazing sight in a sky filled with stars from horizon to horizon is only possible in parts of the world where there is little air pollution!

The next day I witnessed another amazing sight. I had to sail through an area of human plastic waste that covered the ocean surface for more than 100 square miles. At that moment I realized I had to get involved to educate, share and engage with a community of people that wants to change our behavior.

What better way to do this than through film and stories! So when I heard of SGEFF I knew I found the right forum and decided to help Jacqui & the team make this a roaring success.

So my advise to you is to reach out and get involved!

- Robert van Paridon, Chairman of the Advisory Committee for SGEFF

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