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NEW* SGEFF Themes & Documentary Films

Updated SGEFF Themes!

Jacqui, Adeline, Rachel (the newest SGEFF member on board!), the 350 Singapore group, and the Yale-NUS Sustainability Movement, recently caught up for lunch at The Spiffy Dapper to finalise the SGEFF themes and catch up on each other's environmental sustainability projects. We also met Aaron Packard, the Climate Impact Coordinator, who had a stopover in Singapore before making his way to the World Humanitarian Summit. 

Pics or it didn't happen! 

The film festival will take place in November and the finalised SGEFF themes are as follows:

1. Consumerism & Waste

2. Farming & Food

3. Climate 

4. Air Quality & Haze

5. Wildlife & Conservation

We are excited to have finalised these themes because the filmmakers from (Jacqui, Rachel, Victoria, and Abishek) are in the process of producing documentary films on sustainable fashion and packaging, water pollution, haze, and conservation with our community partners for the film festival. 

Green Drinks Singapore Meet Up

Last Wednesday, Rachel and Adeline attended a talk on Singapore's mass fish deaths organised by Green Drinks Singapore at the SingJazz Club. We had an engaging conversation with Ria Tan, a volunteer who has been monitoring Singapore's shores for 15 years, and Joseph Wee, a fish farmer who shared his experience on the causes and effects of pollution and poor water quality on the fish farming industry, the existence of Harmful Algae Bacteria (HAB), and his own initiatives in using carbon to dissolve oil in seawater. 

Photo taken by Olivia Choong from Green Drinks Singapore. 

The filmmakers team at Gone Adventurin' is working hard and are excited to produce a short documentary film about this issue to raise awareness on water pollution and its effects on fish farmers in Singapore. 


If you are curious about the documentary films that Gone Adventurin' will be screening at the festival, make sure to keep a look out on this space and save your November dates for our film festival! :) 

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