It's been a topic for a long time: when is someone going to kick off the first ever Singapore Environmental Film Festival? 
Well, 2016 is the year. 
After a few initial emails back and forth suggesting that the project come to life, shared around the environmental community in Singapore, a group of 12 passionate people came together meeting at the HUB Singapore and got the fire started. 
In our fist meeting, we settled on a tentative date, format and team, which was enough to get us to the starting line. 
Next step: it's time to bring the community together to get the word out! Olivia Choong (from Green Drinks) and the team will start selecting the films we will be screening, speakers that will be attending, workshops we'll be running... and so much more!
Meanwhile Adeline Seah (from Biodiversity Connections) will begin to actively seek some support & partnerships to bring the whole event to life. 
Abi  s going to get started too, first to reach out to all the other Environmental Film Festivals around the world and let them know we're ALIVE! Hopefully we can get some other countries to join in virtually and share their advice! 
Over the coming months, we'll try keep this blog up to date with stories about the rest of the organising team, our community partners, and set up our other online platforms so everyone can get connected and take action to protect our environment!
A BIG thank you to everyone who attended our first meeting or has shared interest already online! 
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